Monday, October 22, 2007

7 and Half Lifelong Learner

The hardest for me is number 3: View problems as CHALLENGES. The term "problems" as defined by me in the working world are walls with no way over, under, through, etc. I am unable to "fix" the problems or as the problems arise over and over no matter how many times I have adjusted eventually I feel that it's no use, so I accept it and move on avoiding the problem when it arises. (play) To change and adjust my thoughts to CHALLENGES will be difficult. When you take on a challenge, how far do you go? Til' you reach your goal (become the squeaky wheel? annoying? CHOP that tree down instead of seeing the forest?) or try your best, note how far you've come then let it be; accept the solution to the challenges even though it's not what you view as the "best" solution.

Play is the easiest because I can get away from the problems (challenges).

Monday, July 16, 2007

Got Garden

I am a beginning gardner who is looking for the least amount of work with a great crop yeild. Swiss chard is one that you can plant and it keeps going. I will not planting for next year sweet peas due to low crop slow. I do have the banana peppers, squash and green bean bushes (yeilds more then the vine, also less space and work) What plants would you recommend?